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Minecraft Apk has providing the greatest arcade features in online multiplayer game. Download Minecraft Mod Apk Latest Version {god mod} heavy weapon damage. This is a really exciting arcade, so that’s reason millions of users are playing the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition and minecraft PC Edition are very good versions of Minecraft Minecraft Pocket Edition is totally updated to the version but this is just ten reasons minecraft fee is better than PC Edition.

Minecraft MOD Apk [God Mode Heavy Weapon Damage] Latest Version 2020

Introduction probably eventually make it ten reasons why PC is better than Pocket Edition so on my minecraft PE versus PC comparison post you’ve probably seen it’s my most popular post. It’s a lot of arguing in the comments Minecraft Pocket Edition is better microfiber and it’s a whole fight so you know what I’m going to make ten reasons why Pocket Edition is better than PC and ten reasons why PC is better than Pocket Edition both posts are coming at different times anyways let’s get into it.

  • The first reason pocket edition is better than the pc version is that you can simply take it.
  • Wherever you want this is obviously the reason pocket edition was invented is that you can take this version of minecraft.
  • Wherever you are you can play it in the car you can play it on a plane you can play it in your bathroom.
  • Basically you can play it anywhere and that’s the whole reason.
  • Because minecraft pc you need a pc or mac and unless you have a laptop that pc or mac is staying in your room or on your desk.

What is Minecraft Game, and Why Does it Popular?

If you have a laptop you can take it wherever you want but there are limitations like are you really going to be able to take your laptop to the bathroom are you really going to be playing your laptop in a car now. Pocket edition is much easier for on-the-go minecraft and that is of course the reason it was made so yeah that’s number one moving on to number two number two is that it runs smoother than the pc edition. Now people with crazy fast pcs might argue differently but for the majority of you who don’t have crazy fast pcs and have you know a laptop just sitting there and it doesn’t run minecraft. The best you’ll definitely know what I mean on pocket edition the majority of devices run the game fine run the game smooth and it’s easy and fun to just pick up and play on any device however you know you need a pretty good pc derp on minecraft still especially if the max settings.

How To Download Minecraft Mod Apk God Mode

Minecraft can get pretty intensive on your pc so if you do have like an old laptop sitting there you’re going to be lowering the settings on and it can make the game a lot worse on pocket edition you can pretty much max the whole game out and run fine on most devices. However if you do a gan pocket edition you can get like literally one of the fastest android devices out there for like 200 bucks so nvidia shields at k1 highly recommend that tablet anyways moving on. Number three is more frequent updates than pc now you can argue that pc has bigger updates and they’re actually introducing brand new things as pocket edition is just borrowing from the pc edition. But pocket edition definitely updates faster and we can get betas of it faster like every time I log on the pocket edition it’s a new beta and it’s just crazy and it’s stuff I’ve never seen before. Because I don’t really play pc that much but I yeah our community is tightly knitted with those updates in it’s pretty crazy for us so yeah alright let’s get into number four all right now number four is a pretty controversial.

About Official Minecraft Game On Playstore

The default settings pocket edition looks better than pc now I show this in my side-by-side comparison post minecraft pocket edition vs. Minecraft pc edition where I did side by side comparisons of the two games and saw which one looks better in my opinion. It’s the pocket edition some of you might be thinking well how is this possible how does pocket edition look better than pc well the reason behind this is actually that pocket edition is coded in c++ and not java. Like the pc version java is a much slower programming language so it uses more resources to produce the same graphics so believe it or not the pocket edition actually looks better and run smoother than c++. If you try to put the java version on the pocket edition it wouldn’t run very good at all so some features that actually make it look better as anti-aliasing on some devices you get higher render distances smooth or water textures you get more particles smoother movement in smoother animal movement and tons of little stuff. Like really good smooth shading on all of the trees and stuff going into number five number five is the game is actually much cheaper than piece so minecraft pc is $27 while the pe version is just seven dollars. So minecraft pc is actually an extra $20 now for some of you money might not be an issue but especially for younger kids who don’t have any money it’s definitely easier to ask your parents for a seven dollar game than a $27 game. We said before we know minecraft pe runs smooth so you actually guaranteed to have a playable experience especially on ios.

Main Features Of Minecraft Mod Apk [God Mode] Heavy Weapon Damage

This blog shared the official version and then renamed it to the mod version, but it is still the same as the original version. As I mentioned at the beginning, the mod apk version of Minecraft Mod has many features: there is a functioning game, and there are unlimited money and golds.

  1. Installing mods texture packs and all sorts of stuff like that it is so much easier on the pocket edition then of course on the pc where you got a you know install forge install some kind of launcher.
  2. Install this other kind of stuff and it also lags your game a lot more yeah with pocket edition you literally just have to most of the time open an mc pack file and you just happen it opens right in the game.
  3. Install it for you granted the mods aren’t as fully fledged as pcs but they are certainly much easier to install and kept much more up-to-date they also have a really good website mcpe dl.
  4. So go check their website out there they have great mods alright moving on to number seven so number seven is that we have native controller support for minecraft pocket edition.
  5. This basically means that we can use controllers with the game and we don’t have to install any extra software sure you can get controller support on pc but it’s a whole extra thing you have to install.
  6. We’re on pocket edition you just have native controller support which means you know you just it works fine just suck up your bluetooth controller to your pocket edition device and play and it is also much smoother than the kind of things that you find on the pc.

Gameplay Of Minecraft God Mode

Pocket edition players can be in across the world and actually play pocket edition with each other and we don’t even need a server basically you can use the built-in xbox features in you know play multiplayer and sometimes it can be pretty glitchy. But most of the time they actually work and people actually take this feature for granted but it’s not on a pc you do have to use a server if you want to play online and you know on pocket edition it’s very simple. People don’t think about it but it’s a good feature to have and we can also use big server hubs on pocket edition too so yeah you get the best of both worlds on pocket edition alright moving into number nine number nine is that our shaders are easier to run the pcs on the pc version sure. You have gorgeous shaders that are like incredibly realistic however they will destroy most computers like even if your computer can run minecraft it probably can’t run the shaders too. Well you need a really good computer to get solid shaders at a minecraft pc edition however on the pocket edition shaders can lag out your device but as long as your device is pretty good the shaders sort of laggy that much and recently the shaders have gotten really good. They’re they’re quite good though the shaders are not as good as pc shaders but they are definitely getting there and the shaders don’t look half bad at all and it’s not like you have to go by in a thousand-dollar tablet to run the shaders. You can pretty much just run them on any device alright finally moving on to number ten number ten is that the pocket edition community is more tightly-knit than the pc edition community here on pocket edition is way easier for your voice to be heard in this community. If you upload a really cool minecraft pocket edition creation more people will see a dentist if you did it on pc on pc most of the ideas have been done there have been some ridiculous things done on pc but they just haven’t been replicated on pocket edition yet so there’s definitely new ideas floating around on pocket edition. Minecraft Game Controlls It’s actually pretty nice in my opinion first first impressions of this item right here it looks really really cool let me know in the comment section down below what you guys think of,. It kind of looks like a ps4 controller to me I think all we need to do is just cut this little piece of tape here and we should be able to slide out the controller all right there we go and I think we just slide it out now. There it is here is the controller itself that’s actually really cool it’s just like any other controller for mobile devices however I think this one looks the best because it kind of resembles like a ps4 controller but also at the same time it has a little holder for your device. So if you hold it right here and well oh yeah so I think when you press this button or something or you can just slide it out it’ll give you like a little slot where you can put your device into it. It actually extends like that so you can basically it’s like a spring mechanism where you can put your phone in and that’s actually really awesome so you can just hold it and play it at the same time let me actually grab my phone real quickly. Here Are A Few Recommendations That You Will Love It Downlaod Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk Unlimited dragon Stones 100% Free Episode Mod Apk Latest 12.10.1+gn Direct Download Link Download Fap Ceo Mod Apk v0.975 (Ruby Hack) No Root Download Latest Hay Day Mod Apk with Unlimited Diamonds and Coin

Tips and Tricks for Minecraft Mod Apk

The top minecraft youtubers have like millions upon millions of subscribers while our top pocket edition. Youtuber jfm hasn’t really uploaded in a while and he barely has a million and I know I say barely has a million.

  1. But it is certainly a huge comparison to the pc community alright guys so that was my top 10 reasons that minecraft pocket edition is better than minecraft pc edition take me if you want but I’m definitely making a 10 reasons why pc is better than pocket edition.
  2. I think you guys will really love this because this might help you out with your gameplay if you guys are used to controllers and stuff this is what’s inside this is going to be a controller that you can use for minecraft pocket edition using bluetooth on your iphone your android your ipad anything you want .
  3. So today we’re gonna open this box up and see what’s inside guys I’m pretty sure this is the game sir t1s and I believe it’s better than the g series which is like the g4s and stuff like that.
  4. So I’m gonna go ahead and slice open this package and see what’s inside I’m super excited to be honest guys I also have another package coming on the way but I’m not too sure.

When it’s going to come but I will make a video on that once it actually comes but all right let me just slice this box open real quickly all right so here we go guys we have the package right here PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE – Visit  official site at https:///www.minecraft.net/help 

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