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Transformers Forged to Fight Apk has been designed beautifully providing the greatest action features that anyone needs in the online multiplayer game. Download Transformers Forged to Fight Mod Apk Unlimited Money, Coins, Cash and more on your mobile. This is a really exciting action, so that’s reason millions of users are playing the game. I’m excited to see press and hold on right oh okay so that’s a little bit interesting heavy attack you actually transform pretty cool pretty cool okay let’s see if we can use what we it learned there oh you are you rotating around is that meant to happen.

Transformers Forged To Fight Mod Apk [Dmg & Def Multiply, God Mode, High Dmg]

Introduction Transformers forged to fight is a free-to-play mobile game and it is available on both android and ios devices. So if you guys are really into my transformers forged series, you have seriously gotta go and check this game out. Because you can take full control of your transformers and upgrade your transformers forged to fight across an epic and exciting story. So that’s that’s new that’s interesting okay, we need to get to the level three right you do that on the marvel compass the champions on the tutorial so let’s use the level free bam wow that was really really cool we just absolutely smashed him there. So we’re doing quite well so it let’s skip that right we didn’t need the roleplay guys where we’re super pro these games now we should be pretty good so this is the ship space bridge here you can get crystals and use them to attain new transformers characters. So let’s clean that first one okay let’s see let’s go for this one right so oh wow this pretty cool background guy is pretty cool back background. If anybody wants to add me on it, I’ll be sure to put any details in the description. So go Download Transformers Forged to Fight Apk by clicking.

  • It’s a lot of hype a lot of hype in this crystal spinner it’s only one star transformers though so maybe not so good oh wow we got we got we got this one what’s that ratchet okay he seems he seems pretty cool we got round trip and are we getting any other.
  • So we just got ratchet for the time being okay so we haven’t golfed was prime anymore guys we’ve missed out on him unless he’s been added to like our inventory.
  • It looks like we do have them okay so this is so nice in the trailer and it looks like the maps for this game in marvel contest of champions are like two-dimensional ones but these ones are like real world maps so you kind of like explore those so yeah let’s go there and uh oh wow this is actually really really cool okay so and you go to a fight.
  • So we got optimus prime has the class advantage does ranch’s well so it looks like optimus prime is uh well the equivalent we’re gonna say tech for now it’s it’s the blue it’s the blue which uh you know I’m not used to the blue countering the purple it’s usually tech counters.
  • What does it take out there’s the yellow the mutant in marvel contest of champions but in this game the blue counters the purple which is grindle so let’s uh let’s get stuck into the fight here guys stuck into the fight and hopefully we have a lot more control over this one dodge okay.
  • So we got the dodging as well ranger tech has ranged attacks in this game what there’s a tap on right your opponent has projectiles as well sidestepped dodge thish oh sidestep.

What is Transformers Forged To Fight Apk and Why Does it Popular?

Wow this this game has actually just blown my mind a little bit so it’s like a free de version of marvel contest of champions because now you can you could rotate around we are not used to this that’s crazy that’s a whole new crazy element through it great. Now – in close and usual special attacks when it’s ready okay I love that it’s three-dimensional though that is so cool we got an armor break there as well which is a kahless okay we probably don’t wanna sidestep but okay so they’re like they’re like I guess free dimensional arenas that you move around you know items like the obelisk and objects. Thats mean like they’re gonna be able to interact with combat and they’re like maybe for certain bosses instead of sidestepping you maybe need to like line-of-sight and object wow I mean like taking taking combat. Doubt this you know bringing this whole new dimension of combat add so much that they can do so much cool stuff that they can do and makes the skill level go like I mean marvel contest of champions which this game is based on has an incredible skill level to be good at the game but now they’ve added like an additional axis it’s swore I can’t comprehend this guy’s. We got bumblebee as the boss there so let’s go with let’s got a rancher let’s see see what his ability is again we’ve only got these one-star robots so any of the level 1 but let’s see what we can do let’s see what your deal it’s uh let’s be our bond will be a lot better here. So let’s do some ranged attacks there we go blocking is blocking as well I like that you can do ranged attacks that’s very interesting are they gonna use ranged attacks looks like bumblebees.

How to download Transformers Forged To Fight Mod Apk?

Some sort of shock mechanic very simple icons very familiar icons if anybody plays marvel contest of champions watching this video okay let’s france transform there ah again this is just like the super super easy ai but this is really cool because you can like literally move around anywhere that you want within this arena. Let’s use that special attack far off some of these I love the combat in this game the combat in this game is awesome that’s so cool okay I’m I’m actually a lot more impressed than I expected to be by this wow okay this is gonna be hype guys this is gonna be crazy hype so let’s move on to mission complete so you got some got some currency a got some gold. Some tier 1 basic or which I assume is probably the equivalent to I so this is the bot screen select the bot to upgrade wow who do we want our grade the optimus prime or the rat I guess we already I mean they’re only one star characters right let’s let’s use minimal resources on them let’s just chug wallet all we have to use both of them for the tutorial okay we’ll do that guys who opt cheap. Wonderful so we’ve done that lets go through the the base now see what the menus like okay skip this and oh we got crystal to open a can we get anything that’s not uh a ones there one star right there all want to stop okay let’s see what we get there are seem to be a choice of two characters here. So all we’ve transfers this barricade very interesting very interesting so barricade does barricade looks like a bit of a badass okay so let’s get to the main menu and hmm we’ll go fight I assume story yep we want to go for the air the first chapter actually let’s have a look at some of the modes of gameplay. So you’re the story special daily arenas raids raises interesting is that I’m not too sure that is it looks like um I believe this game has like some sort of base system that’s very different you know anything that we’ve seen before marvel contest the champions so that that is certainly certainly intriguing intriguing okay let’s go on to the the first one now a beast the star. So we’re gonna except guys let’s uh let’s do this let’s do this I love these freedom apps these freedom apps are so cool okay so this actually makes a lot more sense now that you can see like the actual transformer that you’re moving toward on it.

Main Features Of Transformers Forged To Fight Mod Unlimited Coins

This blog shared the official version and then renamed it to the mod version, but it is still the same as the original version. As I mentioned at the beginning, the mod apk version of Transformers Forged to Fight Mod has many features: there is a functioning game, and there are unlimited money and coins.

  1. Optimus prime versus mirage let’s go do any have like a class disadvantage or now they all seem similar okay we’ll just go we’ll go with this then okay I can’t wait till we get some like to star to star and above transformers cuz there’s going to be the high ponds right let’s see if we can put this marvel contest of champions 100% skill to the test.
  2. Slide to that oh there we go okay we gonna have it heavy attack oh happy all the heavy attacks cool let’s try and land one of those hey there we go it’s pretty good geysers pretty good oh my I love the combat in this one to you it’s gonna take a while it’s gonna take a while to get used to it but I think once you get used to the combat in this game.
  3. It’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna be so cool okay so let’s go the um the optimus prime hair I’ve really liked that they’ve got that additional access on the combat though that’s really really cool just means I don’t know I’m seeing a low bear potential as well like maybe in the future of marvel contest of champions.
  4. Something like that and it’ll change okay let’s let’s do do a little bit of blocking oh yeah those medium attacks boy you better be taking those to the face oh then we got hit by heavy it we got smack there okay let’s just um let’s shoot him.
  5. Wow this games this game might be a little bit tricky to master okay we got him down though optimus prime wins another round it’s pretty good it’s pretty good okay successful hits hits receive 10 that’s a little bit too many hits to be taken guys blow it too many hits to be taking.
  6. Move on to the next one and oh this looks like the boss who is that he looks he looks very interesting so we are up against rhinox wow ie I really want to see this guy okay let’s go let’s go a ratchet in this one I like I like branch it’s like he seems to be a little bit more of a powerful ranged attack out guys confirm best tactic.

About Official Transformers Forged To Fight Apk

We actually have a path choice we’ve got difficult one which contains a chest or an easy one which doesn’t look to contain a chest is there any way to what does what does this do okay so that tells you the enemy classes right. I think yeah it’s good we’re going for the chest guys we want the best rewards let’s go for this one okay so ratchet here has the advantage against ironhide oh man I’d heist hide is an absolutely tank from the movies see what this this guy can do okay let’s fire off go on shock shock shock all down we need to need to bait those. She’s gonna practice obey demand there’s so much so much oh I love love the combat love the combat again it’s just it’s so it looks I can imagine from like just watching the video it looks so similar the marvel contest of champions. But really with this third element it plays very very differently especially the the ranged attacks I’m really excited as well cuz there’s so much like weird stuff you can do a bosses in terms of like the game design as well so this is the scope. This is really really good okay let’s use that level one hey there we go there we go ratchet winds pretty good yeah is pretty yet okay let’s move on to collect this magical box of mysteries we’re gonna open bow at the end and see what yet but then I think you know what well you know we’re not gonna love lot of transformers.

Gameplay Of Transformers Forged to Fight Apk

This just spam shoot look at that shock it’s stacking like crazy it’s very responsive as well I really like the controls on this oh that one’s not too good if I’m messing up guys don’t worry this is usual. I mess up while a lot while I’m playing bible contents the champion so ain t bad I think branches I like rog him playing him a little bit more than optimus prime seems to have some very very slick moves so I’m really enjoying that so far plus that shock on his on his ranged attack is pretty damn good it’s pretty damn good. So what do we get t1 repair kits that restores health and till one mission crystal so those are the the equivalent of the just the standard rubbish crystals mmm coc but I guess for beginners they’re still pretty good let’s go to actually let’s have a look at some of the rewards and how many chapters there are so there’s only an act one in the game which is understandable. You know just open fur beta premium bot crystal free starbuck crystal they these sound familiar these sound very familiar okay let’s not look at some of the rewards just some really nice all to upgrade the the robots it’s pretty good it’s pretty yet okay let’s forgot their chap the number two then ah so we don’t have a another transform the gist. We might be soon and I think those what is that that purple currency in the top right looks like our equivalent to units so I assume that’s probably the next way that we’re going to get a crystal for our another transformer hopefully we get a two-star one and see the power of those okay so up against grendel next we fought this for this guy before like it it really liking a lot of the some of the arenas as well it seems pretty cool. Okay we’re back into a corner here I like also how even if you’re backed into a corner you can sidestep around and just you know unban back yourself out of that corner which is something we do don’t have a marvel contest of champions. If you’re backed into a corner you are backed into a corner you can’t just like uh none back yourself just sidestep around oh wow that’s a robot transformed into a helicopter man okay medium attack go oh man the cheer me on okay it’s not the heavy how do we avoid that right. How do we avoid that how do you like break there bring the transforming attacks there’s gotta be a way to do that hey there we go our ultimate prime do pretty well they I didn’t take too much damage victory 45 xp damn we’re racking up the xp.

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Tips and Reminders For Transformers Forged to Fight Mod Apk

Destroy everything okay so I guess do we want to try and beat that let’s try and play this like we would mc oc so we want to beat the heavy attack okay so that that then he just he shot me that okay let’s he’s a 5 combo chained on with a loved one. Oh no did he bade there was that a bit now definitely was that I have no idea guys I have no idea oh damn that was that’s pretty bad gets the the heavy attack we need to get a little bit closer for that hey there we go we landed it there she’s pretty good. Okay let’s charge in and one two three four fire off that loved one and boom ko pretty good pretty good optimus prime wins when our love will free guys which means we pretty much won the game more energy some more all that we can hold it’s pretty good okay let’s uh let’s continue I take it we got like a although this is where we get the bonus chest. Just got 75 more or from that train too bad ain’t too bad okay let’s go to back-to-back two missions uh yeah I am enjoying the game ah not not not at this point on thomas pride but I appreciate the offer but I appreciate the offer okay let’s uh have a quick look at what else is going on here. Start collecting gold by tapping on your base nodes and assigning a bock okay let’s let’s do that place defender oh okay um oh I didn’t know we had I’ve totally forgot that we have barricades down okay let’s play some place rattray on her and every every 25 minutes he’s gonna give us some gold. PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE –  http://www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/

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