Download Thunder VPN Premium 3.1.14 Mod APK {Full Unlocked}

Thunder VPN Premium allows users to remove some restrictions that its official edition. These annoying advertisements in middle of their favourite displays, multiple languages with the most waiting feature i.e. Available subscriptions to all its material. Discover what all you will see at the Thunder VPN Premium Apk.

Download Thunder VPN Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2020[Unlocked All Country]

Introduction Today we’re gonna be looking at thunder vpn for android there are so many mobile apps for vpn that have hundreds and thousands of positive reviews but that other garbage so on my web site. I’ve rated like 50 to cc of the most popular vpn providers out there a lot of ones that aren’t that popular and there aren’t them any left.

  • I think there’s maybe like 20 vpns left or so that I haven’t reviewed and I’ll eventually get to those and put them in the tier list as well cuz my goal is to have every single vpn on the tier list every single vpn.
  • So people know everything about every single vpn but these ones on a mobile store alright admittedly more popular than a lot of ones I haven’t reviewed yet for pc so I’m gonna be shedding some light on these mobile vpns.
  • As well as getting to those other vpns for pc they’re less popular but I do think that this is something that needs to be addressed and taking a look at I’m gonna be doing some analysis and reviewing at least mobile based vpns like thunder vpn.

What is Thunder VPN Premium Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

Running it through the paces kind of testing it out in all the different categories so you guys should know if you should be using these or not and a lot of ways these videos are kind of like a gateway video for a lot of people on my channel to get into what I would consider real vpns. A lot of people who are using these mobile vpns our first-time vpn users or people who don’t really know what a vpn is or maybe they’re just trying to unblock stuff at schoo/. So in a lot of these videos I’m going to be using some top rated vpns as comparison to show people you know what we ovp ins look like what real speeds look like what real features and what better pricing looks like so without further. Et’s get into this comparison slash review of thunder vpn alright guys today we’re checking out thunder vpn on the google play store it is one of the most popular vpns on the google play store. Besides these ads it looks like it’s like topping the number one listed vpn here so guys it looks like it for most of the things that’s gonna be pretty standard and they state no logging. It seems like mostly how they’re monetizing it for the free model is going to be ads as you can see here looks like we do have a lot of downloads when a previous update was in december.

How To Download Thunder VPN Premium Version

It’s been a little while since the update and we do have that premium pricing there and you know it’s gonna be around $60 a month six dollars a month probably but some of these free apps can go up to like 11 bucks a month. They’re like 60 dollars a year so I wouldn’t be surprised to see variation there it was released on november 3rd 2017 so it is pretty new or I had to look a little bit more at this description here honestly. It’s pretty just generic they say they have servers in the united states asia but they are trying to expand it so let’s go ahead and see what this thing is like so starting up you get a terms of service. It says it’s committed to protecting your privacy and data but let’s go ahead and look at those terms and conditions more carefully so this is it’s like a no logging vpn but honestly guys that’s a bunch of baloney. If you look at here it says they will restore information register on the site which is pretty standard right but then they also say we may store your personal information on a third-party server or we may use a third-party analytics tool to understand how our service is being used by customers

About Official Thunder Premium Apk

Identifier device manufacturer and model email trust the time was owned the network state the times one connected tourist service choice to the service location the total amount of data transferred per day. We store this information to deliver the best possible network experience analyze this information to generically keep the data secure our software mason diagnostic gated to a third-party analytics provider. So it’s pretty much logging everything you do on this application a lot of logs I don’t know why they’re saying they’re not any no log vpn and that’s a bunch of baloney so no log vpn well I’m not necessarily right to seal the deal even more about the reputation I found a website that did some research on mobile based vpns.

Main Features Of Thunder VPN Premium Apk or Mod Apk

  • Thunderer vpn looks to be operating outside of hong kong or you know apparently china this is the corporate address so it could be some kind of shell company.
  • It looks like it’s based out of hong kong no one really knows who’s behind the company and notes on company structure is that the company confirmed that the us address is for payment purposes only.
  • That signal lab are independent developers from hong kong however there are no companies called signal lab or currently similar retched in hong kong so it’s just that another chinese honeypot yikes not only that but like I mentioned in the google places description.
  • It’s just like some chee mail address so it’s unheard of for professional companies yes of course oh yeah hikers eggers now a lot of these applications that are free just vpns.
  • I mean they all kind of look the same right it’s just gonna be like connect pick a server blah blah blah blah blah you know it’s not that hard to make these applications this one seems to have like a little cute thor guy cute thor baby.
  • So maybe trying to market just a little bit more towards younger people looks like we are on the free plan what is the upgrade to vip look like so it’s gonna be six dollars a week.
  • Archie wah-wah $10 a month and $60 a year so I was right it’s not six dollars and what that’s to chief all these apps are like usually 10 to 11 bucks a month

How To Download Thunder Vpn VIP Unlocked?

Honestly guys isn’t a very good deal I’m need to get my topper a vpn number one vpn no logs excellent service five dollars a month or $30 a year much cheaper than this one just use code tom spark and check out the vpn tier list . That’s gonna be tor guard if you want to check that one out much better than this guaranteed but this one says the vop includes no ads faster connection worldwide connection. So we don’t really necessarily want to try all of that yet we don’t mind if some ads when we’re testing it out settings are pretty minimalistic we have connected with other vpn starts. It’s notified it when these a new version and that’s it of course with other applications let’s take tour guard for example since it is my number one rated you’re going to have a couple different protocol options.

How To Use Thunder Vpn V.I.P Crack Apk?

We can get here with this vpn provider so far it’s not looking too good just in terms of the usability of the speeds they seem pretty slow so let’s go ahead and let this run for a second. It looks like it’s finally connecting sonic dotnet inc so that’s a pretty slow ping 209 m/s and oh my god is that slow that is a horrendous download rate I’ll show you guys at before and after alternative vpn off into a normal. Download test with my normal speeds without vpn connected and then I might also do another vpn comparison here just to show you what kind of speeds you can get with some other vpn provider of course that’s a decent upload rate. I was kind of expecting that but download right there very bad ping very bad and not too impressive so let’s go ahead and disconnect and do a normal test here all right now, We are connected to our regular speeds or our regular internet so let’s go ahead and see what kind of speeds we can get so as you can see thunder vpn to have only bottle-cap to my speeds significantly. Here Are A Few Recommendations That You Will Love It YouTube Premium Apk Free Download For Android +Yt Music No Root Netflix Crack Apk Latest version [Unlocked Premium] 2020 No Root Download Betternet VPN Premium v5.3.4 Mod APK {Full Unlocked}

Tips and Tricks for Thunder Vpn Mod Apk

Which is going to ensure that you isn’t leaking out any information when connected you don’t see any of these options here you don’t see any of these options with most of these free vpns. It’s not very surprising besides this cute little baby doesn’t seem like this one has that much to it we do have auto select for servers but we do have a very limited service selection like I said other vpns are gonna have way more servers. We do see more service here with a vip section but again that’s not that much service really we’re gonna go ahead and try connecting to this it’s gonna do all that stuff to make it necessary. So we are connected so it seems like a pretty fast connection I wouldn’t be surprised that this is using something like egg v2 pptp or some of the order protocols maybe that on as secure you know ike is good. But there’s not really any information about which protocol we’re using here and that was a really fast connection time so let’s get ahead and test some speeds out. Only got the speed test to start it was like pretty laggy I even tried searching some things on the google play store I know I wasn’t working that good so we are connected to thunder vpn.

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