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Download Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Apk 7.4.5 {Latest Mod}

Hotspot Shield vpn premium allows users to remove some restrictions that its official edition. These annoying advertisements in middle of their favourite displays, multiple languages with the most waiting feature I.E. Available subscriptions to all its material. Discover what all you will see at the Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Apk.

Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Apk [Ad Free Latest Mod] 2020

How to choose a VPN anyways back to the video alright guys so this is hotspot shields pricing plan. It’s going to be $13 a month which is pretty expensive or right up there with expressvpn for one of the most expensive VPNs. Introduction Hotspot Shield is just a popular VPN which claims to have lots extra than 10 million clients on the planet. The agency is famous. This has no limits on bandwidth, so no want to check in or hand inside your e-mail address, you can just down load Hotspot Shield premium VPN for Windows, Mac, i-OS, Android, both Firefox or Chrome extension. I think I VPN and takes the mark for most expensive around 15 dollars but since we see VPNs like err VPN around seven dollars tour guard VPN with discount code Thomas Park five dollars and thirty dollars a year.

  • Compared to this is quite expensive or even other vpns like private internet access that does sales.
  • Sometimes well as low as like seven dollars as well so the fact that this is thirteen dollars almost twice as expensive.
  • In some cases three times or twice as expensive for the yearly plan.
  • As well your two-year plan is seven dollars a month which is equate to around eighty four dollars a year.
  • It would be you know somewhere around $170 that’s pretty expensive.

What is Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

This is a very expensive vpn provider I do like that they’re not you know going for like the three year plan here I’m kind of roping you in there and the two-year plan is pretty expensive. One thing to note is that the premium plan does include one password which is interesting it looks like they have some kind of partnership with one password now one password is actually quite a good password manager. It’s one of the best ones out there for sure now I already made a video on the best password manager one password is around thirty six dollars a year I prefer something like bit worden. Which is only ten dollars a year and pretty much has the exact same exact feature sets as one password and it’s just much cheaper so if we think about this vpn plan being kind of separate from one plas we’re bundling it in $60 a year or so would be the price or one year plus $36 for one password that is actually fairly decent.

How To Download Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Version For Free?

That would just be like buying one password separately and paying $60 a year for another vpn provider so it’s not like you’re getting a discount on one password. Now if you’re paying $13 a month let’s say the standard price of vpn is anywhere from around eight to nine dollars. And if you’re paying $36 a year but equate to around three 00 which would be eleven to twelve dollars so if you bought both of them together it’s still gonna be a little bit more expensive. So overall the fact that they include one password is interesting but doing the math it’s not like you’re getting a discount on it it’s just kind of like they’re making you pay more and bundling it in as well. It would be really more interesting to see if this was the pricing and it was actually cheaper to get one password with this so let’s take for example if it was you know let’s say 80 dollars a year and you get one password or ten dollars a month. And you get one password I think that would be a much more interesting plan now keep in mind that I think this is a better deal than perhaps something like expressvpn this is around the same pricing as expressvpn but since you do get one password.

About Official Hotspot Shield Premium Apk

It does make the pricing a little bit more swallowable so in some ways I think of this like a standard vpn plan forcing you to buy one password as well let me know what you think down in the comments down below. This is quite interesting I think so the weird thing is here is that I even put my information and I click start 70 trial and then it just asked me did you enjoy your free trial I didn’t get to try it and if you x out and click it again. It doesn’t really do anything so it really only gives me one option subscribe now so [music] looks like he wants me to do more of this so it really looks like you have to input your information and get seven days free. So after seven days it looks like they will start billing you and then you have another 45 days to I guess we get a refund on that session 45 days is a pretty decent refund tine though you know a lot of epeans really have only 30 days or something like that.

Main Features Of Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Apk or Mod Apk

  • The onset it really just says like one button here and here we go into the settings so we have prevent ip leaks we have killswitch web domain pass choose do web domains you want to exclude from being routed through the vpn tunnel.
  • So that’s kind of interesting kind of like a split tunneling on the browser kind of cool I haven’t really seen that too much before um as well as some basic settings here with auto connect.
  • So overall it doesn’t have a ton of settings here there’s no like ad blocking or anything like that some advanced settings some you know advanced kill switches you know like a some have application and network kill switch here.
  • So it doesn’t have too much here to kind of configure and play around with some of the more advanced applications out there definitely have more customization this does seem to be pretty user friendly.
  • It’s not quite clear I guess if I click on this I’ll be able to choose my server so here’s some servers to choose from doesn’t look like they have any specific filtering for servers doesn’t look like you can even really search it which is kind of weird.
  • It picks for me if I just kind of kick connect here so it doesn’t really tell me exactly what it connected to that is a really quick connection time it almost makes you wondering you know what kind of protocol.
  • It is using like I said before it’s missing some these features you know some vpns allow you customize between udp and tcp fair openvpn some vpns allow you to use ip to lttp app set ppp tp and some other protocols.
  • Quite certain what protocol this vpn is using so guys looking into the protocol that hotspot is using it looks like it’s proprietary protocol that they call catapult hydra now they don’t really have too much information about this protocol.
  • It could be 128 is encryption it could not even be based on open vpn so I think that is one reason why I connect so quickly and probably one reason why you’re getting such good speeds but is it comparable to the security of open vpn.

Hotspot Shield Mod Apk Download For Android [Latest Version]

Getting such good speeds that leads me to believe that the encryption is probably not as secure and tight and honestly it kind of makes me not trust this that much I wish hotspot shield provided a little bit more information about this. That using proprietary protocol it just kind of sketches me out I think about this proprietary catapult hydra protocol is that since it’s not open vpn I was reading on this site and it makes sense. That you can’t use it to set it up on you know open vpn base routers like dw rt so that is something to consider when using a hotspot shield these look like pretty good speeds actually very fast. Pretty similar to not having vpn at all actually quite good here looks like it did actually connect me to a server that is pretty a good server to get a speed test from doesn’t look like new york so the speed test or the the interface web application might be slightly off. There could be something look into maybe you know showing it more about where you are connecting to I’m pretty good speed test though I’m not gonna lie that is very close to my actual speeds latency is usually around 19 m/s so a little bit higher latency, but download speed is excellent here right so now we aren’t testing out hotspot shields.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Mod Apk Full Version For Android Latest Version

Download potential and just like that speed test we’re getting some really good results here guys this could perhaps be the new fastest vpn this seems really good usually the fastest. I’ve gotten with tor guard vpn is around 11 megabytes a second for torrenting 12 expressvpn it’s like slightly fast around 12 megabytes per torrenting for a second and now with the hotspot shield. We’re getting almost twice those speeds we’re getting 20 megabytes a second here downloading this torrent file it is going exceedingly quick nor vpn I usually get around at 2 megabytes a second so could a hotspot shield really be 10 times after than an or vpn and some of my tests. Well it certainly looks like that way right now so what what about hotspot shields reputation well suffice to say it’s not the best around two years ago oh it became well known in the news. Hotspot shield was injecting stuff into people’s browsers tracking and stuff like that putting ads collecting ip addresses unique divisive identifiers and other application information people were saying that you know the website itself hotspot shield claimed to even be a vpn. Here Are A Few Recommendations That You Will Love It Download Turbo VPN V.I.P MOD APK 3.1.7 Latest Version No Root Download Betternet VPN Premium v5.3.4 Mod APK {Full Unlocked} Download Ufo VPN Premium 3.3.9 Mod APK {Full Unlocked} No Root Download Cyberghost VPN Premium Apk Lifetime Free

Tips and Tricks for Hotspot Shield Vpn Mod Apk

The fact I was injecting javascript codes using iframes for advertising and tracking purposes was really bad so that was not very good and since then hotspot shield is kind of trying to you know scale back on the head cast and try to rework.

  1. The privacy policy to be more privacy oriented well the fact that something like this happened is not a good indication of the company itself not only that that is using a proprietary kind of unique kind of protocol here makes me a little bit suspicious.
  2. Of this company to say the least so it looks like hotspot shield threw anchor freeze the parent company does collect metadata about connections such as session durations and bandwidth used in order to produce services.
  3. However do not log any data sent over those connections so that’s a little confusing they do seem like they clog data but you know they’re saying again that they don’t really send it to anyone or anything like that.
  4. So hotspot shield doesn’t have any live chat on the website which is definitely kind of a bummer since I you know a lot of vpns are starting to do that and it is one good way to stand out they have a defense port page and you can you know email them of course.
  5. But you’re gonna have to wait for those emails it’s probably gonna be a while maybe maybe one or two per day I would expect so guys testing out hotspot shield with netflix sees really good results it works with netflix hulu working with who it works with hulu surprisingly a hotspot shield doesn’t work with prime video on a us server.

But when you go on a uk server it does which is kind of strange because from what I know prime video is locked to us users only so why would it be working on a us server it doesn’t really make sense but it seems like it works I’ll show you right now oh as you can see here we’re gonna be connecting to this uk coventry server we are connected. Already go ahead and reload the page and as you can see it seems like it works hmm odd but it works another thing that is working is bbc iplayer with hotspot shield so pretty good job overall it can’t work with every single service surprisingly even with prime video on a uk server not quite sure why interesting very interesting. 

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