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Choices Mod Apk is The strategy game which is one of its own kinds different from any other strategy story. Choices Apk is produced by this PixelBerry for people who enjoy hearing to tales and dreamt to go it. This structure offers loads of stories with the options to make yourself from the face, hair, dresses and other parts from various places.

Choices Stories You Play MOD Apk Unlocked All Features

Participants will flaunt their first fashion meaning and will do the parties, events, adventures, and seem lively in the virtual world. There are several plots you may select like Romance, Mystery, Magic, Vampire fantasy and more. Pursue those college minutes again, make these virtual friends, and you also take the opportunity to talk and impress others because here no one minds you. You can shape and move this story as you want by exploring other situational options, the play offers.As we learn, alternatives: Stories you turn (MoD ) is the greatest storytelling strategy available on play store. From the large collection of narratives to living character’s time, it has some cool characteristics. Below I am referring some important characteristics of choices modded use. If you believe I lost any significant characteristic, then you will note down. I would certainly change that too.

  • I found that like an hour into this game actually felt like I was a character in the game this is fun, and the characters are beautiful and the weird twists and turns that this game.
  • Honestly sometimes really surprising now in this version of the game I chose the adventure story and as you can see here I’m in this conversation with this girl that just wants to beat me up with a sword .
  • Somewhere along the line I was presented with the option where I could either kiss her or fight it .

What is Choices Mod Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

so what do you think I did I kissed her, and it didn’t really turn out that well, and you can tell the creators have worked really hard at a kind of keeping you immersed in the game, and that’s what I love about this game you’ve got so many choices, and you don’t know what’s going to happen, overall guys, I think this is a pretty damn good game and it’s perfect for anyone who loves kind of role play games and games where you get to make the decisions on what happens to the entire game as a whole but what do you guys think yeah your name let me know in the comments below and don’t forget if you want more up discovery’s leave a like and make sure you subscribe – until next time peace

How to download Choices: Stories You Play MOD

I’m gonna be downloading it and giving my opinion on what I think of it so without further ado why don’t we just get started with the video okay so the first thing I’m going to do is open up the app store and search for this game. So I’m just gonna go to the search bar and search choices the first one that comes up is actually episode which is an ad and I already have that and the next one that comes up is choices stories you play and just for the purpose of this video I’ve already downloaded it and put in my password but I haven’t opened it yet so I’m just gonna download it again and let’s see what happens okay so the app just finished downloading. let’s go check it out so I’m just gonna click on it right now ooh. This is exciting okay so I have to pick a genre romance or fantasy for the purpose of this video I think I’ll click romance just to try it out okay so it opens to a book called the freshmen so let’s start chapter one. welcome to heartfelt university welcome to heartfelt university one of north america’s most elite academic institute institution ready to choose your look okay so I have to choose my face I’ll just choose the top left one because she has brown eyes like me so yeah. Okay comfirm okay choose your hair I’ll go with this hair and my outfit I’ll go with this okay so I’ll click perfect and let’s start with the story so it’s the first day of college and you walk across a bustling campus but this suitcase weighs like a thousand pounds maybe I shouldn’t have brought so much as you round a corner you smack right into a guy jogging by whoa you’re both knocked off your. Feet I’m so sorry are you okay my egos a little bruised if the other guys on the football team saw me get tackled by a pretty girl they’d never let me forget it he offers you a head and helps you up I’m chris by the way nice to meet you nice to meet you too I’m okay I’m going to put jen jen for some reason that rings. A bell huh so are you okay nothing broken I hope I’ll be fine my head is just a little scraped up is there anything I can do to make it up to you okay so now a tutorial screen comes up and says you’ve just met your first potential love interest you’ll meet more later for now it’s up to you how to respond okay so. Now is where the choices comes in for this part it asks me whether I tell him to help me with my bag kiss my hand to make it better or get on your knees and beg for forgiveness so I think I’m just gonna ask him to help me with my bag. Because I’m not sure what direction. I want to take with this story yet so chris looks down at your bag which has been popped up whoa your stuff is everywhere chris picks up a lacy black bra then his face goes bright red oh wow I didn’t mean to is this yours you grab the bra out of his hands and stuff it back in your suitcase I think that’s enough help for one day. About Official Choices Apk

After exploit EA, our team regrouped as Pixelberry in atiny low office, come into being to continue making story driven games with heart and launched the 2 interactive hit games, High School Story and Hollywood Our team has currently grownup to over a dozen of the foremost veteran game writers within the industry

– The Pixelberry Team

Gameplay Of Choices: Stories You Play MOD

The middle of a conversation whoo it looked to me like you were just leaving actually just then becca dropped her iced coffee your feet slashing it all over you whoa this becca girl is insane seriously oops I’m just clumsy jen your outfit I’ll go find some nook as soon as he’s gone becca leans in close just so you know chris is mine oh he’s your boyfriend not yet but he will be oh yeah okay so this is another choices part the three options. I could care less about your love light news flash chris is mine and then forget chris what about my clothes I’m going to be a little bit savage and go with the first one good just stay out of my way and we’ll be fine chris runs up with a stack of paper net this is the . Best I could do it’s a good start I’ll just find my dorm and change see you around okay you can count on it a few minutes later this looks like the place you knock on the door which swings open to reveal wow this place is huge ah new roomie you’re finally here and covered in coffee haven’t you heard it’s the hottest look for fall oh yeah well you’re . Definitely pulling it off seriously you’re super pretty thanks I’m gonna put your super hot to compliment her butt okay oh and at the top it kind of says like an achievement game so it says relationship improved so whoa okay so kaitlyn says oh wow kaitlyn blushes and looks away as might a slight smile curving her lips too much I’m gonna go with no but . You probably want to get out of those coffee stain clothes let me show you to your room kaitlyn leads you through the suite wait do we have this whole place to ourselves ha I wish in case you haven’t heard the schools in a housing crunch this is a six person suite . We’ll be sharing this place with one of their girls and three guys that’s gonna put awesome this is great it’ll be like having five best friends right off the bat just friends they say the number one girl of freshman year is not to hook up with your roommate but I don’t . Always play by the rules I’ll keep that in mind here’s your room hurry up and change that we can hit the week welcome week affair oh I almost forgot every year they set up a massive slip and slide in the middle of the fair it’s super fun and it’s a great excuse to wear a bikini so are you gonna do it definitely you only get one chance to make a first impression. Here Are A Few Recommendations That You Will Love It Downlaod Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk Unlimited dragon Stones 100% Free Marvel’s Spider-Man Game Download For Pc Direct Link Episode Mod Apk Latest 12.10.1+gn Direct Download Link

Tips and Reminders for

Okay so a tutorial pops up and tells me that some choices cost diamonds just like episode does where you have to pay diamonds to get that extra good choices.So if I want to wear the bikini it’s gonna cost me gems so I think I’ll just go with what I’m wearing right now a few minutes later and kaitlyn returns oh still wearing the same thing I’m not going to change the truth is that this awful girl named becca threw coffee on me within like five seconds of meeting me. Okay guys so that is all I’m going to read for today if you want me to see what happens with the slip and slide and becca and jen with her new at university just comment down below if you want me to keep on doing things with choices stories you play okay guys so my camera just died. PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE – Please read our privacy policy at http://www.pixelberrystudios.com/choices-privacy-policy/ 


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